Why I Almost Quit My New YouTube Channel After Only 3 Videos

A few weeks ago I started/restarted a YouTube Channel with my name as the channel name. My goal/vision was to explore side-hustles and passion projects, as well as some productivity tips and “things” that I use every day to try and make my life better. In other words, Greater Income, Greater Freedom, and a Greater Life.

Entering a passive income niche is a lot like smothering chum all over your body and jumping into a shark tank. There are people everywhere ready to tear you apart. Plus, the niche is full of unsavory characters and “get rich quick” hustlers, which definitely is not me.

I wanted to be different and approach topics with a sense of authenticity rather than authority.

Everything was going great until I recorded a video and went back to edit it and noticed that my camera was oddly focusing and refocusing, bringing me in and out of focus. Every little time I tried to fix it or cover it up made me even more upset and frustrated. So I took a break and went to YouTube where I was shown a list of videos from people touting their latest “Secret” – this time how to make 12-hour videos of falling rain to earn fast money.


Is this worth it? Visions of tearing down all of my video equipment and even selling all the sports card supplies I had purchased over the years for my other channel went through my mind. Am I strong enough “take the heat” from the naysayers that are definitely going to come after me? After all, I am just starting out, with no authority.

Patience and a cooler head prevailed.

Instead of throwing everything out, I stepped back, took a break, and looked at it again in the morning. The video project wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and still looked better than 80% of other videos on YouTube. And as for my passive income niche? If someone wants to tear me down for wanting to do something better, or greater, then that says more about them than me.

I admit it, I am a perfectionist. I like to do a good job. And I want people to enjoy that which I create. So the idea of a minimal viable product is difficult for me. But I’m learning that too.

And that video? It’s now up on my YouTube channel if you want to take a look.


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